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Waterproof swimcaps?

  • As a recreational swimmer, I will apologize in advance if this a silly question, but is there such a thing as a waterproof swimcap? I've tried several different styles and brands, but despite my best efforts to always saturate my hair in water and conditioner prior to entering a pool, my hair keeps getting more and more bleached out and damaged by the chlorine and chemicals. I love swimming too much to give it up just because it's ruining my hair. Any advice?

  • Swim caps are NOT waterproof! They are made to keep your hair out of your face and from getting it the water.

    The only way to keep your hair dry is not to put your head under water.

    There are several ways to protect your hair from pool water damage:

    • Rinse your hair in clean water. Hair dressers will tell you that hair absorbs the last thing it is exposed too. So, if you rinse before entering the pool then your hair is protected by the "clean water" and doesn't absorb as much chlorine.
    • It is also helpful to use a very good shampoo to remove residue and excellent quality conditioner (which needs to be completely rinsed out after leaving in the correct amount of time) right after swimming. This allows for maximum protection of your hair.

    In regards to the effects of pool chemicals and hair coloring, you need to be advised up front that your colored hair will fade faster if exposed to pool water! Swimming in a "SALT" pool will slow the effects - but not eliminate them.

    Hope this is helpful,
    Swim Coach

  • I don't think that there are any waterproof caps........

    I have fine hair and I use Its A 10 spray in my hair after I swim(and then i brush it) and it works great.

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