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Trina Turk and Maaji questions

  • Do Trina Turk and Maaji suits fit true to size? With Maaji being reversible, do you have trouble with the lining coming out and having to fix it? I really like the white based Trina Turks, but also worry that they become transparent when wet. Anyone with experience? Thanks in advance!!

  • Maaji suits tend to run on the smaller size. So if you are in between sizes it would be best to size up. Maaji suits can be reversible regardless if there is a built in soft-cup or not. If there is a built in soft cup - it is not removable, due to the reversibility of the suits.

  • All Trina Turk's White are triple lined and rarely have issues with transparency.

  • Thank you! The Trina Turk designs are so beautiful, but all of that white had me a little wary.

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