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Pebble, Watches, Misfit

  • Hi,

    I have a Pebble classic watch which I bought primarily because of price point and because it's waterproof. I was very satisfied with the watch, I don't use most of its technical capabilities, until my screen went wonky, but Pebble replaced it so fast it made my head swim (pun intended.) The new one has also been great, except that it doesn't seem to register swim workouts well.

    I know that there is an app for, but I'm just getting back into shape and I'm not swimming regular lengths. I'm trying to work up to doing distances slowly.

    I have downloaded the Misfit App onto my phone and watch, but it doesn't seem to register the swimming activity accurately. I know that Misfit has several swimming devices, but I'm not ready to give up my Pebble yet.

    Does anyone know of an app, or an app in development, which would be compatible with my Pebble Classic (just updated to 3.12.? OS) which I could use, or other devices besides the Misfit Shines/Speedo which are for swimmers?


  • I've been using the garmin swim watch for about 2 years, my only regret about it is that it only syncs to your computer via the provided ANT dongle. No complaints at all about registering my swim workouts. I'm always swimming regular laps and the lap counting has always been excellent. In 2 years I think I've only had 1 or 2 small errors. It can be setup to sync up to through your computer.

  • I'm also a Pebble user and I'm returning to a regular swim workout from many, many years off... I don't use the app, instead I use Tally Counter and Multi-Timer apps. I'm not terribly concerned with recording my lap splits or anything, but I can swim 200M, log my laps & rest, swim another 200M, log/count, etc. I can time individual sets and my overall workout on separate timers. I love that it can multi-task apps. It's not perfect, but suits my purposes.

    I do wear my Pebble full time though, have become quite fond of getting my texts on my wrist, silent vibrated reminders/notifications, and being able to control Pandora from my watch. I also like that I can answer my phone with my watch while my phone is in my pocket (wearing earbuds or using my Bluetooth headset). The ESPN app is also great - getting buzzed on touchdowns in football or lead changes in basketball is fabulous when you can't watch the game...

  • I got the speedo shine, I worked fine for the first 2 months or so, but it began to malfunction after that point. It stopped working all together now, which was a disappointment because it was so expensive. I don't recommend this watch.

  • I could be biased, but I would recommend getting the app for your pebble. The team has invested a lot of resources into getting swim tracking working for the pebble and integrated with the iOS/Android app. Try it out and let us know what you think!

  • I had been looking at some trainer watches and they can be very costly and some work well with some devices and apps and not so well with others. The driving force for me was cost. I decided on a Moov, because it was 50.00 at and figured if it wasn't great then I was not out much. Unlike if I had spent 300.00 plus. I have had it for about a month and I really do like it. I bought it only for swimming (a lot of others are not water proof) and it is fantastic. I start the app on my phone and then leave my phone in the locker room or wherever and when I return the watch will sync my swim. The watch catches all the strokes, tells you your longest swim, shortest swim, how long of rest you took between laps, your DPS, Stroke rate, how long it took you you to swim each length, how long it took you to turn and so on. I really do like this about this watch. For 50.00 I am very impressed! There are also some swim workouts that you can follow, but I do my own. It tracks your history and you can compare swims and so forth. Not sure if you want to change but if you do I would say that the Moov is a great one!

  • Wow, thanks to you all for your replies and interest! It seems like this is a topic of interest to many of us.

    I like my Pebble, but it is a Classic, the first one made so it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles and frankly I don't want to use it for those things right now.

    I did try to install the swim app, and I thought it told me it required a companion app which had to be updated before it could be installed and used. I updated the app, but I'm not sure the lap counter was installed.

    I'm going to check out the apps mentioned in some of the replies above. I'm really sorry to hear about the poor experience with the Speedo Shine, it looked kind of sleek. They have updated it to a Shine2, but I'm going to stick with my Pebble for now.

    I will take a look at the Moov. That recommendation was very strong and I've not heard of it. My primary purpose in getting the Pebble was because it was waterproof and there are so many others on the market which are not.

    I will report my experience with trying to get my laps and activity counted.

    I hope this thread remains open for a while as it seems to have generated considerable interest!

    Thanks again to all!

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