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Welcome to the Talk Swim! Community Forums

  • Thanks for joining our community swim forums where you can discuss anything related to products, events, news, training, advice, nutrition, and more! Our goal is to make this a true community for swimmers. We welcome new users to introduce yourself to the community.

    We’ll have top pro swimmers and former world champions and gold medalists jumping on the forum to contribute as Swim Forum Ambassadors and we hope you, the terrific swim community will find this as a place to meet up online and exchange ideas, opinions and feedback.

    This is a great time to be a swim-lover, the sport has never been hotter, the products and technology are improving with every season and the elite athletes are getting more coverage than ever. Swimming as a popular fitness activity is growing at an incredible rate!

    Happy Swimming!

    Jordan T.
    Talk Swim! Forum Moderator

  • Hi everyone! I'm back. My apologies for being away. I finally used my $100 gift code to order new swim briefs. I called Swim Outlet to teach me the basics of how to use it. It totally worked and I feel much better. I hope to win another chance of getting another $100 gift code. Thanks to Ms. Jordan T. for everything last year. This year I'm brimming with confidence.

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