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Difference Between Swim and Polo Briefs?

  • We are new to swimming as sport, our son just joined a club. What is the difference between swim briefs and water polo briefs? Thanks!

  • Swim briefs usually have a high seam on the side, unless you get a "low cut" swim brief like the speedo solar 1". The Polo briefs are all going to have a low cut on the side. They are usually made of different materials as well. The Swim briefs have different patterns and colors and the polo brief can have graphics as well as patterns and colors.

  • Waterpolo briefs are typically polyester blend and fit very securely due to anticipated rough play.

    Swim briefs may be any material, but most often contain lycra for stretch.

    Polyester blend suits last longer and do not fade as readily.

    Less is more because it dries faster. Rinsing the suit post swim and allowing it to dry extends usefulness.

    Tech suits are a whole other matter, very expensive, short life, and only desirable at Olympic levels.

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