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Goggle Sprays

  • I hate goggle spray (it burns my eyes), any other solutions to stop my goggle from fogging?

  • Lick 'em. Seriously :-)

  • There are a few basic ways to "anti-fog" your goggles:

    • Spit in the goggles (not very sanitary)
    • Keep clean goggles on your face: Do not remove to attempt to clean or clear while swimming - this only makes matters worse!
    • Use a commercial "anti-fog" liquid or use baby shampoo. If you do this, it is very important to apply very thin coat to clean and dry goggles. Allow the applied coating to completely dry. This is critical to the process. Again, do not remove goggles while working out - it will only cause the goggles to fog up more.

    Personally, I've done all of the above except "spit" and find that if you rinse your goggles in fresh water and gently wash around the gasket, then allow the goggles to dry with the lenses face up (gasket face down) you will achieve the same or better results than commercial applications.

    Hope this helps!
    Coach Mary

  • Spit is the standard and works quite well unless your goggles are old. Do it in the locker room sink if you have issues with being sanitary. I've also discovered that by using a small amount of whatever dispenser soap in used in the locker room, give it a light rub (spread) around the lens, rinse well and it lasts the whole workout. I've been doing this both old and new goggles.

  • Small drop of baby shampoo (like Johnsons) seems to work for me. I dont rub the inside of the goggles as may remove anti-fog that is already applied by manufacturer.

  • Just to clarify...on thee soap method... Any soap and rinse? It won't leave an irritating residue? I have tried sprays, but you need to have a soft cloth to wipe with, etc....and I can't keep that stuff dry near a pool!

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