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Pull Buoys?

  • Anyone have any insights in selecting a pull buoy for a decent-sized 12-year-old? Are the Junior models too small? Does the asymmetry offered by the Speedo version really add any value? Thanks!

  • I find that pull buoys are the one equipment where you dont nessisary pay for what you get. Most standered ones all look similar and get the job done(providing buoancy so swimmers can focus on thier upper body) So no need to get the most expensive one for the name. Just make sure that it is lare enough to support his weight. As I have used a sporti pullbuoy(7$) and a speedo one eith the same results
    For a twelve year old getting the junior sized one might be a little small if not will be in a few years. The assimetrical pullbuoys really have no major difference except they are somewhat easier to keep between the legs when the smaller side is up as it doesnt have as much floating.

  • Thanks for all the info!

  • I recently picked up the Sporti kickboard/pull buoy hybrid from here at SwimOutlet. It was reasonably priced and I'm tired of using the gross kickboards (people sit on them in the Saunas rather than use them in the pool) and hunting forever and a day for a buoy... anyway, I really, really like it. My 15 year old sister also thinks it's great - not too much, still hydrodynamic - totally worth a try.

  • Thanks! We picked up a Speedo buoy, but if it's a buster or when it wears out, we'll look at that Sporti!

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