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  • I was wondering what people thought about wearing drag when training. For example, do you think that wearing a drag suit is beneficial when training for competition? Do Olympians train with drag? What are the pros and cons of wearing drag to competitive swimmers?

  • I wore a mesh drag suit while swimming in high school practice just because that was the "cool" thing to do then. Now that I am older and do lap swim at the local Y, I do not wear a drag suit most of the time due to the drag and resistance it causes. I believe that it does help in getting your endurance and strength up. Hope this helps.

  • In my experience, male college swimmers almost always wear drag suits. I think there is a psychological benefit of drag suit in practice, and then when you're not wearing one it's another little reminder that you're ready to race.

  • It is a bit like swinging two bats before getting up to the plate!

  • My daughter used to always wear a drag suit but then we learned that it is better to wear the drag suit only during the portions of the practice that doesn't involve sprint. (such as pull, kick, drill, descend, etc) The reason for this is because during sprints you are teaching your body how to go its fastest. And as we all know if you don't do it in practice you won't be able to do it at the meet. So now she wears it for around 50 to 70% of the practice. I hope this helps!

  • What about drag tights? My swimmer is interested in using those. Does anyone have any experience with them? She is specifically looking at Dolfin brand drag tights.

  • I wear my drag suit only on certain portions of the practice. Usually I'll use paddles or fins with it too. The Arena Mesh Paddles are great because they propel you foward, but they still have a lot of drag.

  • Back in my competitive swim days, we wore drag suits for most of practice. I'm not sure how helpful they were for training purposes, but in terms of team bonding and cohesion, it was great fun! We used to have "ugly drag suit" fashion shows and competitions... it was hilarious! Some of my favorite memories of that time involved the drag suit games we played.

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