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foot fins

  • my daughter wears about a size 9 shoe but she has wide feet. I've tried to order fins for her but they were extremely small, any recommendations on good fins for wide feet? She needs a training type fin. She has the Finis, but I think those are for making sure your feet are moving the way they are supposed to? Thanks.

  • There are many different fins for different training purposes. Choose the cheaper brands and try a variety.

    I had to enlarge the toe holes on my zoomers. The sporti fins are good.

  • I adore my TYR Burner microfins. I wear an 8-8.5 women's and got the yellow fins, they fit perfectly. Highly recommended.

  • I'm having the same problem. My feet aren't necessarily super wide, but I have a very high arch. I don't want to keep buying fins and returning them because they feel like vice grips around my foot. I think someone could make a lot of money offering fins in widths.

  • Finding a comfortable fit for fins (or anything) is a challenge. We are all different. I'm often having conversations about gear at the pool. I usually offer to let people try mine. If you can try a variety of sizes and styles, it is helpful.

  • We offer snorkeling tours, and have found the Speedo Trialon rubber fins seem to be the most universal-fitting fit for a variety of feet shapes and sizes. Of course, the more styles you can try on and use for a session the better...remember that how it fits on dry land is quite different than how it may feel in water during use.

    If trying to find the appropriate fit is not happening, maybe try one size up, then using lycra or even neoprene fin socks to fill in the extra room...?

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