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Swimsuit design ideas

  • If anyone here works for a company that makes swimsuits, I would LOVE to have a yellow polka dot suit --- not an "itsy bitsy teeny weenie" bikini, but that design in a competition suit or competition two piece. No one seems to make one! You are all missing out!

  • One thing I was thinking as far as designs are concerned, someone should create swimsuits with all the different water type Pokemon on them. Also, too, swimsuits with the characters from the "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club" and "Free! Eternal Summer" anime series would be neat as well. :) :)

  • We might be close to the custom-fitted 3D printed suit!

  • I wonder if there's material out there you could make your own... or commission someone to do it for you. My grandmother was an incredible seamstress and used to love to create special request items like this. It doesn't seem too far fetched, if you could find a polyester/lycra fabric you like and a pattern. Maybe post a request on Etsy? It could be a great challenge for the right person.

  • There is a website that allows you to design your own suit!
    You can design as many as you like & it stores them in your account. You can vote on other's designs and they can vote on yours. It's fun!

  • I hadn't thought of splish! Thank you!

  • You may search online for this.

  • A bikini with the Hanazuki female characters; including Hanazuki, Pink Hemka, Light Blue Hemka, Kiazuki, and the Chicken Plant. it will be the cutest!!!

  • Yeah, I also think so!

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