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Advice for muscle build up for active 14 year old

  • My son is a tall, and lanky 14 year old (98 percentile for his height) competitive swimmer. He seems to grow every time he gets a little muscle or fat on his body lol. Are there any protein drinks, or vitamins that I should have him on?

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  • I don't know much about supplements which may be why I'm reluctant to recommend any. However, I do suggest two things: the same time and money can be invested in ensuring your son has a proper diet for a growing athlete (Take your time. it took me almost a year of DAILY experimentation before I concocted salads I liked and that gave me the energy I needed) and secondly, he's 14, over 6ft, gaining weight? His body and possibly his sport is crying out to be "built". Time to hit the gym and start lifting (lightly) and cross-training. First of all, if your son's not cross-training, he's not a serious competitive swimmer. My friend's 13yr old kid recently discovered as far as technique and talent goes, he had gone as far as pool laps can take him. A little young and undersized for weights but he's added yoga, running, and resistance bands to his swimming. Good luck. Think twice about those supplements. Whether you know it or not I just saved you $1000s in supplements and private coaching LOL

  • I have 3 boys including a 14 year old boy too, same situation. I personally would be careful about supplements. This is a very important time to form good eating habits. The bulk will come when the growing slows and his body has time to fill out naturally. For now he should focus on good stroke mechanics and nutrition.

  • This growth period requires lots of calories, but not junk food. Also, swimmers in regular training need even more calories, especially protein before the workout and carbs and protein, such as chocolate milk immediately after. The Olympic swimmers consume huge amounts. Avoid sodas and energy drinks.

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