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Open water swim

  • My question is for open water swimming. I am training for my first sprint tri in October and I am very nervous about swimming in open water. How do you get past the fear of swimming with sharks, jellyfish and such?

  • Congratulations on your first tri! I just did my first one last weekend!

    The thing that really helped me when working through fears was trying to work through it logically. What is the chance that a shark attack will occur, and if one did what's the chance that the shark would pick me out of all the other swimmers? Probably pretty small. My other piece of advice is to practice as much as you can in open water. Swim with friends, or join a group. The more you get out there the less scary it seems!

    Good luck on your race!

  • I swim in the beaches of Palm Beach county, FL. I'm sure its safer in the water than driving to the beach. Make sure you swim in a guarded area with other swimmers around. Landmarks such as piers and tall buildings are helpful to orient yourself and stay close to shore. Use your breaststroke for visability and practice breating on both sides of your crawl. Use your breating to relax, and have fun!

    Mike K

  • I am also going to be doing my first sprint triathlon next spring it will be on a lake I live in Montana so will do alot of indoor training the triathlon is going to be dedicated to my good friend who died in the triathlon this year on the run portion of it

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