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What is your favorite suit brand / model?

  • What have you found to be the best fitting suits / brand?

    I have tried Speedo, TYR, Arena for the most part. Within each brand I have been wearing men's jammers and have found a wide variance in fit, cut, sizing, longevity, color fast, etc. Wondering what others have found for what they like best.

    To date, my favorite suit has been the Arena Carbonite. Over 2 months of daily wear time and no fading (Black with gray) and it fits like a technical suit at the price point of a middle of the road suit. I am not a brand loyal consumer, but a quality loyal one. Kudos on this suit.

    Please share your findings as well!

  • I own several speedo brand briefs and two nike jammers, if I had to pick I would choose the speedo briefs. They are comfortable and the fabric they are made of has lasted a good while now. As far as the models go, I usually buy grab bag speedo briefs so I get an assortment. I do own a speedo solar 1" but I haven't worn it by itself yet, I usually wear it as a base suit if I am wearing one of my jammers.

  • I had a TYR suit that I used for the better part of 5 months before it started to sag. I recently made a bigger purchase of arena suits and I have to say they are holding up well and should last awhile. I find that the speedo suits feel extra tight but they also hold their shape and last longer than most.

  • I line TYR and Nike.

  • I have a speedo brief endurance, aqua sphere Apollo brief and a pair of arena briefs that I got on sale. I think it really depends on the cut you want. The arena brief I have is cut a little higher, I like that, but the quality of the aqua sphere is really nice.

  • Yes, when Amanda Beard sponsored Aqua Sphere, I purchased a few suits and they are very good, comfortable, sturdy, etc. But I often go for the fancy prints, and they don't seem to offer as many of those as some other major brands.

  • My favorite suit is the blue Waterpro APEX Poly Square Leg.
    I like the look and they're half the price of comparable Speedo or TYR suits.

    Mike K

  • I love Speedo Endurance and Endurance Lite. There's esp. something about the material of the Endurance Lite, it is just so comfortable. I also love how long they last.

  • Favourite brands are Nike and Speedo, followed by Adidas. They all have different fits but are generally good - but if you need a cheaper suit, Sporti are fantastic.

  • There are many answers to this subjective question!

    I have worn boxers, jammers, briefs, and square leg drag suits. It depends upon the venue and purpose.

    In general, I dislike a soggy suit in my gym bag, or a soggy sandy suit from the beach. So, less is more when appropriate.

    As for brands, I have used speedo, tyr, club swim, waterpro, and sporti.

    I prefer polyester blends to lycra blends. I prefer side seams and dislike center seams through the crotch.

    My current favorite for pool training is the sporti waterpolo brief that has just been clearanced. Have not tried the new model yet.

    It fits securely, gives sufficient coverage, and dries fast.

  • My favorite swim brand will always be Speedo USA because I'm with Team Speedo all the way like Ryan Lochte is. I love swim briefs and drag suits that gives me the swimming spirit I needed because I met Ryan Lochte 3 years ago that got me started as a swimmer who has autism and I've faced an Olympian and friend, Garrett Weber-Gale 2 years ago in Staten Island, New York at Lyons Pool. It was history in the making for Garrett and me. It's very memorable and it's very cool. 🏊🏊🏊🏊

  • Yes, when Amanda Beard sponsored Aqua Sphere, I purchased a few suits and they are very good, comfortable, sturdy, etc. But I often go for the fancy prints, and they don't seem to offer as many of those as some other major brands.

    The MP Brand (by Aqua Sphere) uses the same Aqua Infinity Poly material in their training suits that is used in the Aqua Sphere line. This is a great comfortable Polyester suit with excellent chlorine resistance.

    The MP training suit are offered in very bright and colorful prints in a low leg brief, a Jammer, and a ladies Racer Back cut.

  • I really like Tyr swimsuits. I especially like the 2" suit that I've got- the Tyr Valor. It's very soft and comfortable.

  • Classic speedos for sure when it comes down to it but when I wear jammers, I definitely prefer Nike. I have bigger legs (football player turned crossfitter turned swimmer a few days a week) and I feel like they fit my quads the best and don't ever ride or bunch down.

  • Speedo Solar by far. Even though I am a slightly stockier build it still fits great and the higher leg feels better in the water. The waist and back are high enough to be modest and not show too much. Good durability in the pool too. Wish it would come in more colors and/or patterns though. The basic colors are boring.

  • I am a swim brief kind of guy and of the major brands I have liked TYR for fit. I have also liked The Finals. Now due to cost I like Sporti and Club Swim both in the polyester. The nylon/lycra suits only last 6-9 months of daily use and it doesn't matter what brand you get. I can get years out of the polyester type suits. I like colors red or royal blue. I wish Sporti made briefs with the same great patterns and crazy colors of their jammers.

  • I like Swim Briefs, very comfortable for swim. I have Speedo, TYR, and Nike swimwear, they have the best designs and colors, don't have problem trying different brands. Now there are a lot of options and different websites. If you find a product for less than $20 that's a great deal. :)

  • I really do like aqua sphere swim brief. Fits perfect. I just bought the soorti euro swim brief and really like. It's def a high cut and shows a lot, but I like the feel in the water.

  • Although I like the Dolphin suits, speedo seems to fit me much better, and last longer.

  • Speedo and arena defiantly for me.

  • For lap swimming I typically wear Speedo suits. I like the Quantum Splice quite a bit. I also recently purchased an Aqua Sphere from Swimoutlet which is very comfortable and resistant to fade from chlorine. I wish it was cut a little higher on top though.

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