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Swim Caps Ripping

  • Hi, I have extremely long, thick, and frizzy hair, which causes my swim caps to rip on a weekly basis. Does anyone know if there are any special caps that do not rip easily?

  • Do you purchase long hair caps? They have extra room for your hair. Silicone caps also tear less. Here are some long hair caps:

  • Hello,

    In addition to the long hair caps also try out elastomeric caps from Speedo they are super stretchy and allow you to get easily over your head and hair. I have long hair and find these really easy to use. They come in great solids and prints!

  • They have specifically made silicone caps for longer hair and they don't pull your hair like many latex caps.

  • Hello,

    elastomeric caps - thanks for the tip! My boys do not have long hair, but are always ripping caps right before a race!

  • I have hair that goes past my butt so I understand you're problem. For the longest time I struggled with normal caps and the caps always slipping off or giving me headaches because they were to tight. I found the long hair caps that speedo sells to be the most useful. I started using them about 3 years ago and they are literally a miracle. Best thing ever! They hardly every rip on me. Best thing is that it has a shape of your ponytail so it works perfect!

  • Swim cap ripping even happens to Olympic swimmers. Did you see where Michael Phelps cap ripped just before his turn in the relay? I wonder what kind of cap he wears?

  • When I was growing out my hair last year (bad idea) I had a similar problem. There are some awesome caps made specifically for longer hair and I also suggest silicone. All my favorite caps are silicone and I've also found they tend to be the most durable and less prone to break on me. Good luck!

  • I believe he wears his own MP brand swim cap which are made by Aqua Sphere.

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