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Suggestions for Products to carry on

  • Hi all!

    We’re looking for suggestions on new products to carry at If you have any ideas, this is the place to share with us. Our goal is to carry all things swim, so we're open to any ideas you may have!

  • Do you guys carry Jolyn swimsuits? If not, I think that being able to but then here would be awesome.

  • I think if Swim Outlet looked into selling Jolyns or other widely used products for swimmers, it would help swimmers because we would be able to go to one website. I agree with Marjorie A.

  • I would suggest a site area for board divers suits and equipment, a subject of forum conversation.

  • More UPF 50 gear, including chlorine and salt water resistent swim tights. Many of the current offerings are more suited toward board sports than actual swimming. I ordered some that were also jellyfish-resistant from Australia and am quite pleased with them, but it would be nice to order all from one site.

  • Fully support picking-up the Jolyn line!

    Also, would like to see a wider variety of paddles for SUP and some Lifeguard gifts/incentives.

  • have seen a lot of swimmers wearing the mizuno tech suit and i don't think you all carry that, just a suggestion

  • You've got a great selection with a wide variety of items already on this site. So how about just for fun items, novelty items that are swim related such as keychains, apparel-shirts, shorts, joggers that say "Swim" on them. Beanies. Flip Flops. Backpack charms/keychains/tags. Buttons. Water resistant tattoos. Sharpies. Jewelry.

    The ability to personalize items, such as caps, shirts, towels; they make great gifts. Speaking of gifts, perhaps the ability to create a gift basket out of a number of selected items for a chosen price.

    Free samples with every order such as shampoos/conditioners, lotions, chapsticks, sunscreens.

    A rewards program for every dollar you spend you get a point and after so many points you can redeem them towards your purchase.

  • jolyns for sure!

  • More things for instructors and coaches to buy/talk about!

  • Two items: Silicone (or pool resistant) Hair Ties. The million ties I usually have die from the pool chemicals. I found some "Snag Free Hair Elastics" at Sephora, then another type at Bed Bath & Beyond... These last and are amazing. I've been using the same two ties for almost six weeks now - given a few to other swimmers... They're awesome.

    Second, I think it'd be great if you could carry Sugru. I find that I'm using it to fix/repair holes in waterproof stuff (a giant crack in my shower/deck shoes, reattached a caribeaner to my water bottle, added a glob to make a zipper pull on my bag...). It's super handy for fixing or modifying things in and around the pool. 👍

  • Interested in the HUUB Kickpant.

  • In my consideration the Website is wonderful, just some items are very expensive. I was checking a pair of Speedos and in a store near my homestore the price is less than $20 dollars, in SwimOutlet the price is $35.

  • I would love to see the AquaSphere Sphera mask available on this site. Black & transparent colors.

    Also, any gear specific to freediving - i.e. monofins, low-volume masks, long blade fins...

    Totally agree w response about more UPF stuff - e.g. long sleeve shirts and swim leggings.

  • Swimoutlet has been selling Speedo 1" Solar briefs for awhile, but they don't seem to carry the Speedo 1" Solar Fitness brief. It is a little different from the former. Would like to see those here, too.

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