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Polarized Sunglasses - Recommendations

  • Lifeguards need excellent sunglasses that cut the glare of the water and give excellent UV protection. Research shows glasses that cost hundreds of dollars are highly effective but these are no where near affordable.
    Can anybody recommend good polarized/UV protected sunglasses that are under $50?

  • Good question! My last two pair of polarized sun glasses have been Tivosi. Good glasses and much needed while on pool deck, lake, or ocean. But, they're in the $75 to $90 range. A friend mentioned he got a pair at a local surf shop for $35 and, when I checked them out, they seemed as effective as my more expensive glasses. Dont remember the brand but, hey, try a surf or maybe a ski shop.

  • There are many cheaper polarized sunglasses out there. I used to just buy whatever I found in CVS type stores and they always worked well for about a year before needing to be replaced due to scratching/frame damage. The most recent brand I had from CVS was Panama Jack and they worked well for a year, but I just replaced them due to scratching/frame issues. On advice from another forum, I've tried out Edge eyewear and am currently using two pairs of their Kazbek polarized safety glasses as my lifeguard glasses. One pair has smoke lenses and the other has copper tinted glasses. The copper lenses are great for cloudy days, they make everything appear brighter and more detailed.

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