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I'm having trouble with surface diving. Can't get to the bottom of the pool. Any ideas?

  • I have trouble wirh surface diving. I can't get to the bottom of the pool.

  • Not really sure why you are seeking to get to the bottom of the pool, as I usually have the opposite problem when teaching people to dive. They key to diving and teaching diving from my experience is that I teach "whatever the fingertips do, the body will follow". So, if you dive in and you keep that hand and fingers pointed to the bottom then chances are you will go to the bottom. Have someone watch you and see if when you dive in if you you then point your finger tips towards the surface. If so then it is doubtful you will go to the bottom, rather you will surface. Hope this helps.

  • I have trouble wirh surface diving. I can't get to the bottom of the pool.

    What technique are you using now? Are you practicing surface dives for future (breath-hold) freediving in the ocean, or...?

  • I'm assuming you're referring to a feet-first surface dive, correct? They are used in lifeguarding to reach the bottom during a rescue. For a feet first surface dive, you want to have your body positioned straight up and down in the water. Your arms should be down next to your legs. Then turn your wrists so your hands are away from your legs. Then, with your hands in a scoop form, pull hard straight up until your hands are above your head. Recover your arms by sliding them downwards next to your body back to the first position and then stroke again. It usually takes me 2-3 strokes to reach the bottom in about 6 ft of water. Also, I typically exhale while going down, though I won't as much when in deeper water. Thankfully, I've never had to do this to reach a real-life victim, but I've used it successfully in training to reach pretend victims in 12 ft of water many times.

    The other way to surface dive is head first of course. You do a pike or half flip in the water so your head is pointed towards the bottom. Then, swim either breast stroke or breast stroke arms with flutter kick towards the bottom.

    There are many good videos on YouTube for both feet first and head first surface dives. There's a great one called surface dives for beginners.

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