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Favorite suit brand/model

  • Really like TYRs and Speedos, but if price/value is an issue, Sporti is a great brand too.

  • The best suit I ever had was a TYR polyester. The stitching wore out before the suit material did - no stretch.

  • I love the TYR Durafast! It lasts forever!

  • NIke endurance suits are always the best. They even have thin strap so you do get an ugly tan liine. Dolfin Suits if they are uglies can be really good too but they tend to run a size smaller

  • Speedo Endurance plus works great! It lasts for around 2 years and holds up in indoors and outdoors.

  • Do not buy from this company!! very difficult to return plus their Customer Service does not pick up their phone!!

  • My favorite suit is the Waterpro APEX Poly Square Leg. A little heavy, but I'm not a sprinter so the durability is more desirable for me. Hold up well on turns and Swim Outlet offers them at low prices.

  • I love sporti suits for practice, they are cheap and last all season. Speedo makes the best racing suits in my opinion, they TYR ones stretch too easily and the Arena suits only fit specific body types.

  • I'm starting to like suits with a higher cut. Pair of speedos I have seen to "bubble up" in the water like if I was wearing a shirt in the water. Arena briefs are good but tight, I really find the aqua sphere briefs to fit great, only downside is the drawstring isn't as tight as I would like. But overall aqua sphere for sure.

  • I also like thin straps too, and suits with a really open back

  • The big names are highly marketed. Those companies do a lot to support the sport. That is important, too. But Sporti products are underrated because of the name. Their quality is excellent.

  • With tech jammers being this year's Olympic style, the jammers will probably be more popular, but briefs are more practical for men.

  • Nike cut out tank is he most comfortable swimsuit for me!!! The run a little big so I order a size smaller. Looove it!

  • I always order suits so they'll be really tight, too.

  • Most are going to feel small and tight when dry, but will stretch a bit when wet.

  • I'm glad we have a lot of brands and websites for get different pairs. Speedos rules but there are other great brands and more are coming. ;)

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