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Favorite Inspired Swimmer?

  • Hi, everyone! I gotta ask. Which Olympic swimmer inspired you to start your own journey as a swimmer?

  • I'm a huge fan of Missy Franklin. ☺️ She has a light and joy that is truly infectious. She makes me smile. Besides being a local (we live in Denver), she attended the same HS as my husband, too. We will definitely be cheering her on at the Olympics! As for inspiration, I swam competitively as a kid and again in HS. I loved it, but after college, I got away from it. Many years later, seeing her joy in the pool reminded me of how much fun it was, so I finally got my act together, joined a gym with a pool, and I'm getting back to it.

  • My favorite inspired swimmer is Ryan Lochte. I met him 3 years ago at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Totally inspired me to start my journey as an autistic swimmer with autism. Against all odds, I faced some stronger swimmers from Staten Island and Brooklyn. I'll be cheering for him and Team USA to win at Rio 2016! It's gonna be totally phenomenal!

  • I think Katie Ledecky is such a great role model because she is so humble and hard working. Her work ethic is truly something amazing. It really proves that if you work hard you can achieve anything.

  • I love watching Team USA in general, but of course I have a few favorites. MP is fun to watch beceause he is the greastest Olympian of all time, and he shows true mental toughness with all of the things that he's been through (See The Evolution of Michael Phelps). Missy Franklin is another favorite because she looks like she loves swimming, which really inspires me to swim because of the love of the sport instead of superficial reasons like money, fame, etc. I also love watching Lilly King because she isn't afraid to speak her mind about the doping controversy, and she can back up her words with what she does in the pool. And of course I absolutely love watching Katie Ledecky because she just dominates! I usually love watching close races because they are exciting, but for some reason it is just so exciting to watch Ledecky because she makes it look so easy, and she is also humble about her talent which I find very inspirational.

  • Our US teams give us pride!

  • Missy Franklin is such an inspiration to me. She is just so happy and so sweet. I also love Katie Ledecky! She shows the world that girls can do anything that guys can do!

  • watching Michael phelps probably inspired me the most just watching him made me want to get in and try it.

  • I have to say Michael phelps. He's just a beast. All the Olympics, medals. I know about his dui's and pot smoking, but that has nothing to do with his swimming. I support him 100 percent. Missy franklins, ledecky, lochte are also people I look up to.

  • As of right now I have a lot of respect for Lilly King, I think she has a lot of courage to speak her mind on the matters of failing drug tests. Plus, she's a pretty awesome breaststroker :)

  • Although I am certainly inspired by the current amazing swimmers, I have to say that one of the swimmers who inspired me the most was Mark Spitz. I was 12 when he won his 7 gold medals.

  • I've been inspired by Maya Dirado. A surprise freestyle relay swimmer her great IM swims and incomparable gold medal 200 m backstroke. It makes me want to improve my backstroke.

  • the classics: phelps, soni, coughlin, lochte, vollmer

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