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What swimsuit fabric holds up the best if teaching in the pool daily?

  • I go through a lot of swimsuits as an instructor and swimmer. Has anyone done a study of what suit fabric holds up the best for the long haul in chlorine?

  • I don't have a great answer, I just have several suits I rotate through and consciously rinse in a Suit Saver wash, thoroughly rinse, wash and dry flat. So far, my collection seems to be holding up very well. (Mostly Speedo suits, though)

  • PBT/Polyester blends last best for me.

  • For me it's definitely polyester. Lycra gets worn out and saggy after just a couple uses. I like suits like Speedo Endurance and Jolyns because they are mainly made up of polyester so they hold up well.

  • I definitely agree. If you use the speedo endurance (I wouldn't suggest TYR) it is like magic! It feels like it never wear outs

  • As a guy I have found that the best suits for my everyday practice are water polo suits. I swim on average 4 times a week for roughly 1 hour. They may fit a little tighter and the fabric is thicker, at least for men, but they hold up for a long time! Turbo is a great one and I would assume that they make suits for women too. My only suggestion is that if you look at getting one then you may want to size up one size. They are meant to be worn tight when playing water polo but you may not want them that tight when swimming or working out.

  • I have several chlorine resistant suits, which I purchased at Swim Outlet. Rinsing them in the chlorine removing solution and cold water immediately after use makes them last so much longer. One of the suits is going on two years old, and another is over one year old.

  • Alejandra C said:

    I definitely agree. If you use the speedo endurance (I wouldn't suggest TYR) it is like magic! It feels like it never wear outs

    I agree as well...speedo endurance suits rinsed w cold water immediately after use does work like magic! :)

    ...and NEVER use the suit-drying machines!?!

  • I agree that polyester/pbt is the best fabric for swimsuit longevity. I have been very happy with TYR (Durafast), and Arena suits, as well. I rinse them after each wearing and they hold up for many, many months at a time. And, of course, they're all purchased from Swimoutlet :-)
    I'm in the pool 5 days a week, and I've been very impressed. I'll tire of the pattern well before the suit wears out!

  • PBT/Polyester blends seem to be the best (unfortunately in terms of fit, they stretch very minimally)

  • I had a swim brief custom made from Speedo Endurance material using a Speedo 1 inch Solar as the style to copy. That suit lasted over a year-and-a-half before it wore out! (I swim year-round, 4 days a week, for about 45-50 minutes each day.) Speedo Endurance material is the best for longevity.

  • Definitely polyester! I went through so many different lyrca suits when I first started swimming, and I tried polyester and it lasted over a year (swimming 4 days a week)! The only con is that there aren't as many cool designs with polyester and they're fitted a bit smaller, but they are definitely worth it!

  • polyester! one person said they don't like TYR - the best suit I had was a TYR polyester. The stitching deteriorated before the fabric.

  • Funkita has great suits. They stay bright and don't fade.

  • I agree on the polyesterfabrics!! I love the Endurance suit and the TYR Durafast and Diamondfit also. I was told recently, though, that the suit spinners at the gym are terrible for the fabric, and the best thing is to just rinse them in cold water (I use either the chlorine removing shampoo or a separate suit wash, or even plain soap) and squeeze out the excess water. Wrap towel around it and it will probably be dry enough that it doesn't even make a smell in your bag if you forget it for a day or two.

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