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Differences between competition & aquatic fitness swimwear

  • I've been curious about this for awhile now: I was wondering what the difference is between the women's competition swimwear and women's aquatic fitness swimwear?

    What I mean is, are they for different types of workouts in the water (one kind just for swimming laps, and the other for doing say, aqua aerobics)?

    I swim laps 3-4X a week for an hour and 20 minutes non-stop each time, and I wasn't sure if there'd be that much difference durability-wise between the 2 styles?

  • Great question! The difference between the two is in the general fit of the swimsuits that you'll find in each category.
    The Women's Competition Swimwear tends to be more of a performance fit, made for swimmers that are either competing or that are used to that type of smaller cut/fit while swimming. Competition swimwear has less back and bottom coverage as well as less neck and leg coverage.
    The Aquatic Fitness Swimwear tends to be built for a more conservative customer that wants a little more coverage and isn't as concerned about performance. Aquatic Fitness swimwear is great for non competitive lap swimming and also Water Aerobics.
    There is no durability difference between the two categories of swimwear. You'll find both categories have different types of the same fabrications.

  • I echo Jill's comments above, but would also add that some aquatic fitness swimwear offers more support. You'll likely see bust support, slimming technology around the abdomen (called tummy support), and lower leg cuts (more conservative cut).

    I think that a lot of aquatic fitness suits are great lap swimming suits and will perform very well.

  • Thank you both, Jill and Jake, for the responses. I understand now. ^^ ^^

    I for the past several years have been wearing Speedo Endurance and Endurance Lite suits when I swim, and I love them. I used to wear TYR brand, and I somehow switched over to Speedo, & have been wearing them ever since.

    Jill, when you mentioned that "There is no durability difference between the two categories of swimwear. You'll find both categories have different types of the same fabrications.", I noticed that the Speedo Endurance Lite has some in competition sizing and others in aquatic fitness sizing. :) :)

  • I go to Aqua aerobics. I know some ladies wear speedo swimsuits with bras undernieth and bike trunks undernieth. I a a x4/5 and only one who had my size was swim It looks kinda like a bikers unitard. And I got a swift so no one sees my crevices. My old suit I wore short over it to keep modesty and thighs from rubbing. But due to setback and weight gain, I am trying this new outfit. Which I am not cited to do. Anyone who really gets in there and works it especially with curves, knows your in danger of showing what you have, with this suite I'm excited that's it's full coverage so I won't bounce out, don't have to wear a bra under, or shorts over, just the modesty skirt ...... Can't wait till class...

  • Yes, I agree with Jill K, there is a difference between the competition swimwear and aquatic fitness swimwear. You can get the swimwear according to your need, there are online stores like Amazon, Dollboxx, Seafolly, etc. where you can get the variety of swimsuit designs. Select the swimsuit according to your body type and comfort level.

  • Well this has been a real discussion, i prefer what i like and what is comfortable. whatever it is. secondly it is upto you how you do the swim. Now jumping to the swim suits, i buy them from Cupshe coupons at reecoupon. Comfortable, and affordable at the same time

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