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Masters swimming

  • I'd like to develop muy strokes in a master's swimming team. I am not fast and only developing speed and distance. Would I be a liability to a team?
    I live in the south suburbs of Chicago.

  • I am not sure how your Masters Programs are organized in the Chicago area, but our team's Masters program accepts all levels, even beginners! Go for it, and good luck!

  • Masters is usually a very warm and welcome environment for adult swimmers of all levels. Many people join Masters to improve their swimming, refine their technique, to learn new strokes, as well as to compete in Masters meets. many people join to enjoy the atmosphere of structured workouts, and never compete in the meets. It's really very flexible. Talk to the coach, and he/she will make sure you get into the proper lane. Work well with your lane mates, and you'll have a great experience.

  • There is no liability in Masters! People swim in masters for all sorts of reasons. Some are competitive, others for social, fitness, health, etc. In the class I led I have many different levels and I preach to each of them that being in the pool is a better start than still sitting on the couch. I also tell all my participants that on many levels swimming is a personal thing. For even those who look at it competitively it is not always beating the person in lane 2 next to you but about beating your personal best times. I think too many people let the name "Masters" throw them into thinking if they are not Olympians then it may not be for them and this is the wrong mentality to have. Get in the pool, get fit and healthy and have FUN!

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