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Swimming While Sick?

  • I've got a cold. I'm mostly over the snotty nose part and now just into the lingering "chest congestion" phase. Presumably this will negatively impact my swimming?

    Do I need to wait until I'm cough-free or just power through?

    I'm presently trying to finish the 0-1650 program and should be swimming a mile nonstop this week, but I think that's on hold until I'm totally well. Maybe until then I just do shorter drill sets?

  • HI! I'm Chloe Sutton, 2-time Olympic swimmer.

    Throughout my career I was faced with this same challenge so many times. When you're sick its so hard to miss your workout, but you also feel terrible! My best advice is to listen to your body. If you feel like going to the pool, don't push it, but go ahead and swim if you feel like it! If you feel terrible and swimming makes you feel worse, don't force yourself to go.

    Best of luck to you!

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