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Suit or mind set?

  • Is there a suit that is a better value than others when it comes to "fast" suits? In the younger swimmers does it really give then that advantage or is the mind set, "I've got a fast suit" what makes them faster? The suit or the mind? When competition is fierce, I feel it does give that advantage and edge.

  • For a younger swimmer there isn't all that much to compress but it will help with buoyancy. the other half is mental.

  • Thanks for the feedback. My boys claim they go faster and they feel faster in the water... But your right, they don't have anything to compress.

  • I believe that it is all about mindset, but having the suit on just makes most people believe that I'd they have a fastskin on, they will go faster.

  • I think that it is all in the mindset. Just putting on a tech suit gives you confidence that you will perform to your best abilities.

  • i think its a little of both having tried both tech suit or no tech suit but there really is no one tech suit better than the rest its all about what you fell comfortable in.

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