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Goggles Case or Just Throw Them in the Bag?

  • I'm looking at buying a case for my goggles, but not sure if it's really work the $7 - $10. I've scratched up several pairs at this point and I'm trying to preserve my most recent pair as long as possible. Worth it to buy the case, or just buy a new pair of goggles?

  • I like a case. The Sporti S2 goggle used to come with a soft case, which I liked and still use. Unfortunately, it no longer does, I believe.

  • Definitely a case because it will protect the goggles from any scratchesor damages that could be made while in the bag.

  • I've never really had an issue with stuff in my bag scratching up my goggles. It depends on what you're carrying around.

  • All MP Michael Phelps and Aqua Sphere goggles come with a case!

  • Thanks all! I ended up purchasing a case. With everything I have bouncing around in my bag (pens, sharpies, stopwatch, whistles, etc.) goggles needed some type of protection. Just hoping the case can stand up to the constant barrage of chlorine and water!

  • If you don't want scratches on your goggles, a case would be beneficial in keeping them scratch free. Maybe just putting them in a small soft bag would work as well. You wouldn't have to purchase any specific case if you had a small cloth bag of some sort.

  • I threw them in the bag for a long time and then one day the only set of goggle I had in the bag broke. Guess that is what I got for throwing it around on the pool deck. I went to my local home depot and got a small waterproof case made by Husky and put my goggles in there.

  • I keep my goggles in a watertight container with some water and a drop or two of baby shampoo. A quick rince before use is all that's needed. This keeps the goggles condensation free and crystal clear. Change solution regularly.

  • I had snowboarding goggles that got scratched up really good because I just threw them in my bag. Ever since then I learned my lesson and always try to put any goggle in a case.

    The metallic finish on my goggles still look great since I always use a case. For newer goggles the case also helps protect the inside from smudging the anti fog coating.

  • I'm guilty of just throwing them in the bag!

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