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Divers....we need a forum! :-p

  • So Divers....ever feel left out of, oh, everything? My son is a diver and people just associate him with swimming all the time. I'd like to see a set of swimwear specific to divers and have a little more recognition of the fact that it's COMPLETELY different than swimming. The only thing that ties the two sports together is that they are both in water. The training isn't the same, the skills aren't the same, really other than water and the need to get to the side of the pool as opposed to drowning, there is nothing that relates the two sports.....thoughts?

  • I'm not a diver, but I agree divers need a forum, and dedicated equipment. What kinds of suits do divers prefer?

  • I agree - they're very different sports! In HS, I was a swimmer, we shared two lanes (the ones that went under the diving board) and the free weights gym time, not much else. During our practices, they were generally off doing V sits and every manner of crunches imaginable, not really in the water. 😉 I will say though, I really admire what they can do. Beautiful to watch!

  • I'm not a diver, but I agree divers need a forum, and dedicated equipment. What kinds of suits do divers prefer?

    Well - I'm speaking for the male divers specifically here, all truly competitive male divers wear briefs and usually the smaller tighter ones. Mainly because (just being honest here) they spend so much time out of the water and in front of people that if the brief is at all loose it shows way too much...loose suits cling....right? So they need suits that are of a thicker material and that fit snugly. I recently purchased an Arena suit because I liked the design, but when I received it we realized the material was way to thin...lesson learned. Also, there are very cool design specific suits for water about dive? There are so many ideas that come to mind....shouldn't be too hard for someone in the industry to come up with something cool. Just a few thoughts - thanks for asking!

  • I'm not a diver, but I do hear what you're saying. Divers deserve to have a forum just as much as swimmers do.

  • Hi all,

    Thanks so much for your feedback, we are always happy to add new categories!

    We are currently working on adding a Diving category to our forum, so please check back!


  • Here is the new Diving category:


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