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Stroke change advice

  • I have been swimming for 13 years ( since I was 4 now I am 17), and I have been a breaststroker from the start also. I go a 1:04 in the 100 breast and a 29.4 in the 50 breast. I just joined this new team and the coach is trying to change the way I swim it and my underwater pull out. Being that I am about to go off to college I am scared to suddenly change my stroke, because I'm sure my time is going to fluctuate and I don't want to mess up anything for college. What should I do ???

  • This is a tough question, perhaps better answered by someone like Chloe Sutton!

    You are already in the top 100, but perhaps you'ld like #1?

    Your new coach is probably trying to bring you to a new level. It is a risk, and you may get worse before better. But, you won't know unless you try.

    Good success.

  • Larry, I know how you feel! Although your coach may be trying to change your stroke/pullouts, sometimes it's for the better! It may feel weird at first, but it's mostly for technique. I'm both a coach and a swimmer, and it wasn't until I started teaching that I realized what I needed to work on. Although it felt weird at first, it ended up making me faster!

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