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Chlorine Removal Sprays/Shampoos

  • Do chlorine removal sprays and shampoos work? Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand that works well? SwimSpray is a brand I've heard of but have never tried, any experience with it? Thanks for your input.

  • I like liquid vitamin C spray.

  • I'm very interested in what others have to say about this... I ended up ordering a bottle of Swim Spray that will be delivered next week - but I've also read about people who make/use their own recipe from Vitamin C crystals and water.

    I've just used shampoos meant for swimmers and they seem to work OK, but the rest of my skin just always smells and feels tight, itchy, dried out from the pool.

  • I've used Vitamin C crystals from Trader Joes ($12) + water. Gets rid of chlorine smell on me.

  • My SwimSpray came today. Used it and so far, so good - I don't smell myself... the real test will be when my hubby gets home. He's the one who can smell the chlorine in my hair from across the room. Will update when I have another "data point."

  • I do pretty well with ultraswim shampoo and triswim body wash. My coworkers can only tell I was swimming by my goggle marks so far.

  • I have heard that vitamin C works well for removing chlorine! I wonder if you can just take tablets and crush them and mix it in with soap...

  • Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. We'll be trying some of the products and suggestions this coming swim session.

  • I competed in a "distance, un-timed" sort of competition at my local pool recently. I managed to log a daily visit to the pool, with two-a-days more often than not. The chlorine eventually caused a rash and left my body hair thinned and brittle.

    I did some research (here and the US Masters forum) and decided to try the vitamin C spray people were talking about. I got some sodium ascorbate powder from the local health food store. NOW is the brand name. I mixed it with water, a teaspoon of powder for every 8 ounces of water, in a pistol-gripped sprayer. I took it to the shower with me, and sprayed it on my body and rubbed like I were taking a shower with soap, the actually took a shower with soap. Both the sting and the stench of chlorine ended. I made a habit of it, and finished my swimming competition healthy, and itch free.

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