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Olympic swimming

  • Will you watch heats or on only semis and finals? What are the events swimmers you must see?

    I'm looking forward to m and w I individual medley, medley and fe3style relays. Then backstroke.

  • I'm not really a sports spectator, but I do enjoy most all the olympic events, and watch whatever I can.

  • We will be soaking up as much as we can! Unfortunately, school starts for us in Wednesday, we all will miss prelims after that day! 😡😡😡#schoolstartstooearly

  • My family and I always rush to watch swimming. If we miss the prelims we aren't too sad but we HAVE to watch the finals!

  • I'm so excited for Olympic swimming. I watch as often as possible and never miss the finals.

  • So far, Conor Dwyer, Kevin Cordes, Connor Jaeger, Kelsi Worrell, Dana Vollmer, Cody Miller and Maya Dirado made it to the finals tonight! Team USA rules! This is gonna be fun!

  • Does it make you want to get into the pool?

  • Way to go Team USA! Can't wait to watch more.

  • We've been watching an almost embarrassing amount of swimming (and volleyball) - it was a good break today to leave the sofa and hit the pool. While I was there, my dinky little club with the long neglected and underutilized pool had several newbies, one of whom admitted to watching the Olympics and being inspired to come back to the pool. It was adorable. :-)

  • With Missy Franklin's poor swim in the 200 free heat I don't think she would be the best choice for the free relays?

  • We've been watching and enjoying all the swimming. I've loved the excitement and think that Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines have been doing a great job covering it. Rowdy Gaines' genuine love and excitement for swimming is infectious in his coverage of it. I loved when he got so excited that he was ready to "suit up" for the men's 4x100 freestyle relay!

  • i agree! I hope that Phelps joins them in Tokyo 2020!

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