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What's your favourite workout?

  • What's your favourite workout?

    I like 20 x 100 on 1:20

  • I really like to mix it up, so I work in lots of IMs and drills so I don't get bored with just swimming lap after lap of the same stroke. I also do a number of Fartleks (sprint/slow), work to breathe different patterns, concentrate on different aspects of my strokes, really focus on flip turns, etc. My workouts are rarely more than 2000M.

  • Every year at the swim club where my daughter swims they do 32 × 200s Fly but each year they add one more so next year it will be 33. I know it doesn't sound fun but when you do it with team mates and finally finish it you feel really good about it. Do this and you'll never be scared of another 200 fly.

  • Yoga training and freestyle swim workout is what I do.

  • I also like to do 100s fast with 100 swim or 50 kick recovery. I do them on long intervals so I can do them super fast

  • One of my favorite workouts includes a set as follows:

    2 or 3 rounds of:
    3 x 200 pull (with pull buoy and paddles), descending, on an interval giving 20" rest
    3 x 100 freestyle, descending, on an interval giving 10" rest

    The structure of this set is flexible enough to allow me to focus on technique while maintaining endurance, but it can also be used as a strength workout, depending on how hard I choose to go on the pulls. Or I can also try to make each round faster than the one before it.

  • I've never done much pulling with paddles. Maybe I will try your workout. Thanks for sharing!

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