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  • I just recently got the Arena Flex Paddles, and I would like to know the pros and cons of these paddles. Prior to getting these new paddles, I used the TYR Catalyst Contour paddles. Because all equipment seems to have its pros and cons, I was wondering what paddles I should use for different parts of training (drills, speed work, technique, finding my feel for the water, etc) and how I could use both of these paddles to enhance my training. Thanks a lot guys!

  • I'm not familiar with your specific paddles, but you might learn a lot from reading the reviews of each here on SwimOutlet and other swim forums or sites. Personally, I have a set of the Finis Agility Paddles and LOVE them. I do several sets with them and my pull buoy, sprinting to one end and longer, more relaxed pulls back. My shoulders generally feel it the next day.

  • There are different paddles for different purposes. Over the years I've heard some I structure say, use big paddles, others, use small paddles! So, what to do.

    Currently, my belief is that the paddle is primarily important for refining the mechanics of the pull, and less important as resistance for shoulder muscle development, where the shoulder can easily be strained. If used for resistance, like weights, start small and gradually work up.

    The finis agility is my current multi-use favorite. The freestyler is great for freestyle. The sporti power (small) is great for resistance.

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