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Best Time to Swim Laps?

  • What time of the day works best for swimming laps? Factors could include work schedule, pool availability, time of personal energy level peak, eating schedule, etc.

  • I believe its a matter of individual preference; I know some people go in the early morning before work/start of their day; Personally, I prefer going right after work.....helps me get rid of work related stress et. al. I feel great after the work out!

  • I always prefer to swim in the morning. I find when I do it then, I am all energized for the rest of the day.

    I do sometimes swim in the mid-afternoon, too (at the Y I swim at, they have more lap times in the afternoons compared to the mornings on Sat. & Sun.), and I enjoy getting in at that time frame as well, but, I've found I've always enjoyed morning swimming more. :) :)

  • I like first thing in the morning to start my day. The other time is late afternoon if I can swim outside. Living in Ohio the outdoor swim option is limited. The outdoor pool is usually a little cooler then the indoor pools.

  • I am a first-thing-in-the-morning girl.
    I would ask the lifeguards at your pool when the least busy times are. They'll know.

  • I love to swim in the morning. If I wake up feeling stressed about anything, I won't let myself think about it until after I swim. Once I'm finished, I feel like I can tackle anything, and I can focus on the issue much more efficiently and effectively.

  • I can swim whenever. I just like to swim when the pool isn't to busy. People have to sign in, so when I get to the gym and it's busy, I'll run on the treadmill and wait for the pool to free up.

  • I agree with everyone else, starting the day off with a good swim always gets me energized. But sometimes I'll swim in the evening, if I can't bring myself to get out of bed. :)

  • I find it depends on my day...sometimes I need to focus on something big happening - maybe an upcoming meeting - so a swim 1st thing in the AM will be the perfect time to put some thoughts together without distraction. Or, after an intense day, a swim just after helps to wind down and arrive home less frazzled and relaxed, a good kind of tired for a good rest.

    I definitely agree about asking the lifeguards when the least busy times are! There is just something about the tranquility of the pool when not many are splashin' around with you... :)

  • I'm super cranky if I don't get my morning workout in. I agree with you that swimming is good for helping you have a focused day at work!

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