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Let's talk behind the scenes at Olympics with 2x Olympian Mark Gangloff

  • Everyone,

    I hope you guys are as excited about the Olympics as I am. I know I have been glued to my computer, tv and phone since it all started. It was an amazing honor to represent Team USA. I think NBC has done a nice job showing some behind the scenes stuff like the ready room and the warm up pool. You can also get a good sense of the village from following Olympians on social media.

    What behind the scenes questions do you guys have about the Olympics?


  • What do you like to eat and when on a day when you have morning prelims and PM finals?

  • Allison,

    Thanks for the question. In the morning, I like to eat oatmeal or cereal and some fruit. I will probably also have water and then a cup of coffee to wake up. In the afternoon, I like to have a sandwich, BP&J if possible or some very simple tasting food like pasta with butter or a simple marinara sauce.

    Let me know if you have other questions.


  • What did you do between swims to relax at the Olympics?

  • Carol,

    Typically, you try and take a nap between the sessions but that can be hard when you are all excited from the competition. So usually, I would read a book or listen to music. If I needed one, I would get a massage between the sessions but typically I got that done before I left the pool. There is also a team room where people who are not sleeping go and hang out and watch movies so that is always an option.

    Thanks for the question!

  • You seldom see other athletes in the crowd at the different sports. Do athletes have to pay for tickets? Is there a lot of inter sport interaction, or does everyone tend to mingle within in their own sport?

  • how do you stay calm and focused in the middle of a meet that big.

  • Randy,

    Many times athletes do go to other sporting events. You may not notice them because they typically dress down so they look like normal spectators. You do not have to pay for tickets to those events but the day before you do have to request them. In my experience you usually get them but it is not guaranteed.

    As for interacting with other athletes, there is a good bit of that. It usually happens at the dining hall because that is the main meeting place for all of the countries and sports.

    Thanks for the questions!

  • Mark M.,

    I commented to my wife after watching this Olympics that watching is not what it feels like at the meet itself. In many ways, being at the Olympics feels like a normal swim meet with a lot more cameras and more pressure. You also learn to manage that pressure because you have already gone through other big meets and the Trials process.


  • Thanks for the reply, i have read all of you reviews on tech suits equipment and such and have helped me tremendously when it came to needing those things. when they would interview the olympians they said that the trials was harder than the olympics themselves because of the pressure of not knowing if you would make the team, but when they got there they were just happy to be there,was that the same for you.
    Thanks again.

  • Hi Mark! I think my son & I met you at the 2012 trials in an autograph session. (I apologize if I'm remembering incorrectly.) We have really appreciated your reviews on tech suits. Thank you! As we watched the Olympics, he had a couple of questions. 1) Is the dining hall for all of the athletes from every sport & every country? 2) If so, what is the type of food offered? 3) Do the athletes choose their own roommates, or do coaches, etc. assign them? Thanks for the opportunity to ask you some questions!

  • Hi, Mark! What has it been like for you to adjust after the Olympics? Do you still swim competitively, or stay close to the water with things like coaching?

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