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Suggestions for a Kick Set?

  • Anyone have a suggestion for a 40-50 min intermediate level kick set? Or, what's your favorite/go-to kick set?


  • Varity is the spice of a kick workout/set. I like to use fins without a board. Board without fins. Sprint, moderate and easy kicks. On pace on distance and combination of kick style.

    I would something like this.

    warm up 800 IM kick

    500 kick w/fins Alt front/back by 100

    10x50 Alt sprint/easy

    200 swim ( keep your upper body engaged)

    500 kick w/o fins / board optional

  • I like to do an indy 500, which goes as
    25 kick (sprint)
    25 pull
    50 kick (sprint)
    25 pull
    75 kick (sprint)
    25 pull
    75 kick (sprint)
    25 pull
    50 kick (sprint)
    25 pull
    25 kick (sprint )
    50 pull
    The 25 are on 30 seconds, the 50 are on a minute, and the 75 are on 1:30

  • I personally enjoy 12x100 alternating kick by 100. It's flexible enough to rotate the kick by stroke, (although I don't do breast stroke) with or without fins. Frequently I'll alternate as100 fly, 100 back (fly kick/flutter by 25), 100 flutter and repeat. Not exactly 40-50 minutes, but can be part of a larger set, or repeated.

  • Randy,

    At Mizzou, we have 2 major kick days per week (Tuesday and Thursday). One of our go to kick sets goes like this or some variation of this.

    3 or 4 sets of:

    1x300 - 100s/100k/100s
    1x300 - 100k/100s/100k
    1x300 - all kick (desc 1 - 3 or 1 - 4)

    One way to do this set would be to have the same interval on all the efforts. Obviously, the ones with more swim are much easier than the all kick and this effort always come after an all kick effort allowing the athletes to bounce back and get ready to hit it again for the next round.

    Good luck,

    Mark Gangloff

  • Thanks all. I'm planning on running through each of these over the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know how the go!

  • I love these suggestions! This wasn't my question, but I might have to use some of these as well! I like incorporating my breathing into my kicking as well: fins on, kickboard with one hand, working on rotating for my breath.

  • I work a 30 minute kick set into my daily 4000y swims. I use two training devises, I love my Finis center snorkel to reduce strain on my neck and train to have my head low and in proper allignment and also an alignment kickboard to help streamlining. Listening to music makes the time pass as well. Each lenght I dolphin kick 1/2 way and flutter kick the rest. Mixing in breaststroke and backstroke and varying tempo and intensity keeps the routine from becoming stale.

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