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How long have you been a swimmer?

  • Hi everyone, I wanted to ask all of you how long you've been swimming for? I learned to swim when I was a child, when I attended day & overnight camps. After that, I never really swam much again until shortly after college. That is when I started swimming on a regular basis. I am physically challenged, and swimming is really the best exercise for me. I mentioned it in another thread, & I'll mention it here again: I swim 3-4 times a week for 1 hour & 20 minutes nonstop each time at the YMCA that is near me.

  • I started taking swimming lessons as a young child and quickly grew tired of it. When I was about seven, I stopped taking swimming lessons, though I still swam at the beach and in pools, though mostly using my own made up strokes. When I was around 16, my Dad suggested I become a lifeguard and he signed me up for an adult swimming class, where I relearned the basic strokes. I then took and passed a lifeguard class and I am still lifeguarding and loving swimming 16 years later. I don't swim for exercise much, but I do swim for fun in pools, the ocean, and the bays around my area. And, of course I swim while I work as a lifeguard just so I can keep cool. So, while I've been a swimmer most of my life, I only became serious about it at the age of 16 and now I'm 32, so I'd say I've been a swimmer for about 16 years.

  • Only about a year and a half ago! I was a weightlifter turned crossfitter who was getting bored so I decided to swim at my local Gold's and before I knew it; 5-6 days a week and reading everything I could about swimming and watching every technique video I could find. Didn't take long to fall in love. Still love lifting but swimming is definitely a new passion.

  • I have been a competitive swimmer since I was 8. I fell in love with it and have been swimming ever since. I have had a long break due to school, getting married, children, etc. and have not been able to be as serious about it as I wanted. Since I wasn't able to swim, I turned to CrossFit because that to me seemed similar to swimming. Everyone is doing the same thing for a time. However, I have grown very bored with CrossFit. Now that I'm have completed my degree and my children are older I feel as though this year will be the year that I can finally devote more time to the sport I fell in love with 30 years ago! There is nothing like the feel of the water as it passes over you. It's just very calming and I can't wait to compete again! Competitions are amazing because you can see how much your hard work pays off! The energy of everyone there is awesome and the smell of chlorine makes me feel at home!

  • Forever! Family swim post diapers, lessons at Y around age 8, later at college time Red Cross WSI, triathlon as adult.

  • I took swim lessons when I was a kid. I loved being in the water. But didn't really swim much after that. A little when I took trips to the lake with the family, but nothing like being in the pool. I started just kicking with a board at the ymca because I wasn't comfortable with my breathing technique with all the others in the pool. Got a membership at a local gym with a small 3 lane pool. I also bought the aqua sphere focus snorkel and it was my best purchase ever. I swim about 30-35 laps a few times a week. I love swimming!

  • I am 61 as Nd only really learned when I was in my early fifties. Still developing flip turns,bresst back and fly. Took lessons this summer. Love the sport.

  • They tell me I started w swim lessons at 18 months, and haven't looked back since...I'm now 42. I still swim almost daily in the pool or the Caribbean sea. I turned my love for the water into a profession and teach swim lessons, learn to mermaid classes, aquatic fitness, freediving, and SCUBA on the island of Cozumel, Mexico. I grew up in Colorado, as a pool rat in the summertime...bugging the lifeguards by never leaving and always asking when adult swim is over, before I became a lifeguard and swim instructor at 16 for my 1st job. It's safe to say I haven't looked back since, and feel very lucky to be living a mermaid lifestyle!!!

  • 7 years :)

  • i have been swimming since i was 7 years old and love it have been swimming for almost 7 years

  • I've been in the water all my life but only started swimming competitively my freshman year of high school. After high school, I've taken a break from competition, but will be swimming for my school this year.

  • I started swimming before I could talk or walk. I swam competitively until I was nine, then quit when I moved. I swam weekly through middle school and one year competitively in HS as I was rehabbing a volleyball ankle injury. In college, I swam daily just for fitness/meditative "me time" and got certified as a lifeguard and then as an instructor before deciding on a different path. After college, I took a really long break from swimming regularly - like, 10-15 years. Now, I'm getting back to it because it really is my very favorite way of staying active. ☺️ So, I guess I'd say I'm a lifelong swimmer.

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