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Suggested topic or subtopics: swim camps

  • Looking for info on Peak Performance Swim Camp in Orlando. Considering the fall camp and would like some honest reviews by people who have gone, not the fluff they use to promote it. I just want my child to get something out of the camp, not a $400 pep talk.

  • Hi Philip,

    I'm sorry I don't know anything about this camp as I'm not from your state. I too am looking to put my child in a swim camp next summer. The one I've found here in AZ is the Nike Swim camp hosted in Tucson.

    It sounds promising. It would be great to hear reviews of swim camps whether it would be this one or any other swim camp.
    Was it worth it? What did your child learn? Did they come out stronger? Did they correct their technique? Was everyone welcoming & friendly?

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