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Getting back to Swim Training - Suggested Workouts?

  • I have been out of competitive swimming for many years but miss the pool. I would like some 30-60 minute workout suggestions. How many days per week do you think is appropriate to start off? Are there any websites with suggested workouts? Would appreciate anyones help and suggestions. Thanks

  • It all depends on what your body feels like. maybe 2-3 days a week, it also depends on if you have been exercising while on a break, it will defiantly be easier if you have. the main thing is just getting you stroke and technique down after being out of the pool for that long, so when just getting back in i would suggest so easier kicking exercises with flippers and a paddle board after you have your stoke down again i would suggest starting to do some harder sets that will help you get faster but the main thing is to not give up because its hard to get back to swimming after being gone but just stick to it and don't give up.
    hope this helps

  • I'd suggest when getting back into the pool after time off, focus on getting your technique dialed in. Focus on body position and balance in the water, focus on timing of your stroke. I think one of the best ways to do this is to swim short distance repeats. You don't need to worry about speed, but just swim 50s taking whatever rest you want, but repeating each 50 striving for good technique. The more often we repeat something WELL, the better it will become ingrained. Tools such as paddles, pull buoy, and fins can help you feel and find your balance, and perhaps help you highlight your imbalances. I also like to throw in just a few fast 25s or even 12.5 fast, 12.5 easy into the wall, as going slightly faster gives me better feedback from the water to help me focus on my technique and how it feels. I also like doing 25 drill followed by 25 free (or whatever stroke you're working on) to help me incorporate what the drill is teaching me into the actual stroke. Once you feel comfortable in your stroke, then you can incorporate speed if you choose.
    And, above all, BE PATIENT with yourself. It may feel awkward at first, but your body will start to "remember". It just may take a little time. Just keep exhaling and relax. ENJOY YOURSELF!!

  • Excellent thoughts above! You may actually be sore after the first time, in places that never hurt before! Give your body adequate recovery time between workouts. It will get better, and you will feel better than ever. As the slogan says, just do it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank for your suggestions. We will see how it goes.

  • Thanks Deborah. I appreciate your help

  • I agree that after a long break, focusing on your technique will be key before picking up the yardage. Making sure you have the proper technique will help ensure that you are not going to injure yourself. I was looking for workouts that I could do on my own and USMS has a lot of really great workouts. They also have discussion boards so you can ask coaches and other swimmers questions. I have found it very useful. The website is: Good luck!

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