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Silicone or latex

  • Hey just wondering which is better between silicone or latex for material for a swim cap. I have seen some of the olympians will wear a silicone with a latex underneath, and have heard different views but still can't decide.
    let me know what you all think.

  • Personally, I prefer silicone. They are a little more expensive than latex and they tend to be a little more durable and puncture resistant than latex (they will still puncture if not careful). Also, some people are allergic to latex.

  • silicone all day, latex break and is harder on the hair

  • I vote for silicone!

  • I prefer silicone over latex any day of the week. Silicone is much more durable, whereas latex is much easier to rip or tear. Also, silicone is much easier on the hair than latex is. Less pulling!

  • You could also wear two caps. Put the latex cap on first, then your goggles, and the silicone cap on top. Lots of swimmers use the two cap method to secure their goggles and to cause less drag in the water.

  • I use silicone because it doesn't feel like it's ripping out my hair, and I place my goggles underneath my cap so that I don't have to readjust them (even though my hair isn't even that long/thick, my goggles feel significantly looser if I am wearing them on top of my cap).

  • Thanks for the thoughts, any paticular racing cap (silicone): arena, speedo, that you all prefer.

  • I like speedo silicone. Fits well, doesn't pull on the hair too much.

  • I got a silicone cap because it doesn't tug on my hair, but that meant that when I tried to swim in it today, it kept popping off. Is there no middle ground between not enough friction to stay on my head and so much friction it tears my hair out? Help!

  • Silicone caps are way more comfortable, and if you have long hair they don't pull as much!

  • Silicone in my opinion is much more reliable; it does not break as easily, it lasts much longer, and it does not stick to your hair. Personally, latex caps let in more water for me and give me headaches compared to silicone caps. The only downside is that silicone caps are a bit more expensive.

  • Definitely silicone. They last longer, don't stick as much, and are overall a better buy. Nothing will keep your hair dry. But the silicone is the solution for serious swimmers.

  • Both are good. If you like the cutest designs I would do Sillicone. Just press Graphic Swim Caps

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