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Tips for Putting on a Tech Suit

  • The editors at Buzzfeed had this funny story about putting on Olympic tech suits and how hard it was. Does anyone have good tips they use themselves to put these compression suits on that they want to share with the group?

  • well you defiantly don't want i where you can't bend over (then you are in trouble) but where you have some mobility. Its easiest and you really just have to be careful when putting it on when you start with a suit that fits you very well in the first place.

  • I'll just list these so it is easier for both you and I.

    1 Go slowly!!!!! Be prepared and give yourself plenty of time to put your suit on, because you do not want to be rushed. One time I had a prelims/finals meet and my suit was still slightly damp when finals came around (there was no way in the world that I was going to take a nap in that thing, otherwise I could have possibly lost my fertility xD ), which made it much more difficult to put on. Putting on my tech suit while still slightly damp took me 45 minutes, compared to the 10-15 minutes it usually takes me. Luckily I usually put my suit on very early, so it wasn't a problem. I will say it again, you do NOT want to be rushed, so plan ahead!

    2 Use your whole fingers (or wear gloves) to move the suit because you don't want your fingernails to rip your suit.

    3 Roll up the suit like a pair of panty hose so you can just roll it up your legs.

    4 Once you get the pant legs up, slowly bring the suit up to your crotch. Try to bring it up as close as you can because if you have a lot of space between your crotch and your suit, there is a higher chance that it will tear. If the suit is skin-tight when it is completely on, it should (hopefully) move right along with your leg and not rip.

    5 When it's time to pull the suit over your butt, I usually squat down a little bit and just try to hitch the suit over my butt. Once again, if there isn't a lot of space between the suit and your crotch, it will be easier on you because the suit will be able to get around your butt a little easier. Once you get it over the majority of your butt, you will have to kind of squat and dance around a little bit to get it over the top of your butt crack. Just put on some music and the "booty-dropping action" will look more natural (dubstep sometimes does the trick)

    ...I'm a guy so I wouldn't know anything about getting it any higher than that, so my only advice is to have a groupie of girls to help get it on your torso and over your boobs.

    I also apologize for the somewhat inappropriate language, but it is utterly impossible to talk about this subject without talking about butts, boobs, and crotches, because those are some of the reasons that these dang suits are so difficult to put on.

  • If you're putting on the suit after warmup, you want to be sure to be completely dry when you put it on. I know this is a problem with a lot of swimmers, so you want to dry yourself completely and put up your hair so it doesn't drip down.
    Then, you have to be sure to be patient and not pull too hard or fast. Be sure to never use fingernails, and just slowly pull your suit up. I know some girls who need help from friends putting it on, especially with the straps. Hope this helps!

  • Go slowly! That's the biggie!

    I've ripped a couple tech suits by not being a little more patient, or not giving myself enough time before my race.

    Also, make sure you are totally dry. Putting on a tech suit while you are wet or moist makes things waaaaay tougher than it needs to be.

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