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Freestyle catch-pull

  • When swimming freestyle, I am beginning to 'pull through' well before my recovery hand is entering the water. The problem is only with my left arm pulling through too early. Any suggestions as to how to correct this?

  • Paddles i just recently started using paddles and can't believe how much it helps. just slip them on and use a buoy or flippers and do maybe 4x100 free.
    hope this helps

  • Hi Thomas. If I were to guess, based upon your description, you breathe to the right, and your left arm starts the catch and pull when you are still rotated to the right after getting your breath. (Stop reading if I'm wrong about this!!) You want to get that breath as your left arm is entering and you're rotating your body to the right side, at the same time. (Notice that you are rotated to the right when you pull on that side.) So, even though you may not be breathing to the left side, you'll want to enter and rotate to the left when your right arm enters, and you pull on the left side, all at the same time. The catch on the left side should happen just before your right arm re-enters the water, and the catch on the right side should happen just before the left arm enters the water. You want to have your hands change places in front of your head. This will keep you long in the water, with weight out front, keeping you in a better horizontal body position. Although this will change the timing of when you breathe, there is a drill, called the catch-up drill that might be of some help. Push off the wall in a streamlined position, and take a stroke with your right arm. Begin the stroke with your left arm WHEN YOUR RIGHT HAND TOUCHES the water in front of you, after it recovers. Each hand catches up to the other (in front of you) before taking the next stroke. Pay attention to your rotation to each side so that each stroke is meaningful. Pay attention, also, to the shape of your stroke (entry, catch and pull) and make sure you are not pushing down on the water, but are pressing back on the water. Get your breath on the pull phase of your stroke. Try the drill several times, and then use the drill for one length, and swim for one length. Repeat several times. I hope this helps!

  • Thanks for the feedback. Will try the "catch up drill" and paddles next time I hit the pool!

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