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Sugars vs Sweeteners

  • I drink tea every morning, but I don't know whether it is better to add either sugar or a sweetener. I know too much sugar isn't good for you, but I also know that sweeteners are chemical compounds that sometimes aren't much better. Does anyone know the nutritional science regarding which one is better for your health/performance? And if the answer is sweeteners, which brand/type of sweetener is the best?

  • This topic may be as hot as religion and politics! But , an important question.

    It seems that the best health occurs when blood sugar levels and insulin response are not subject to extreme spikes during the day, but stay relatively stable. There are tables available for the glycemic index and insulin index.

    Food chemists are always developing substitutes which may or may not be well-studied and which may or may not be approved by the FDA. And, which may or may not be good choices even when approved.

    People are often seeking proclamations of safety. This is not possible in science. The best statement is limited to GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe.)

    Probably, the healthiest choice is to wean oneself off of the taste for sweets, and otherwise limit one's intake amounts and choice to naturally occurring sweets like cane sugar, honey, stevia, etc. Always be wary of highly processed and altered foods.

  • Sugar is also a chemical compound. It is composed of atoms :-)

    How about honey? I would pick a natural sugar like that over some sort of man-made sweetener.

  • Hi there! I think sweetener would be great than sugar and also you may try honey instead which is much better than sugar or sweetener.

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