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What's the shortest swim you'll do?

  • I swam 800 yards this morning. I actually do a fair amount of short swims as a cool-down from a run or something... feels good to get in, and it's a recovery workout.

    My college swimmer roommate always swam 400 yards the morning before they left for a meet. Most people on the team did - the coach thought it helped them stretch out.

    What about you? What's your minimum?

  • My minimum depends on what other activities I have going on that day. On days I've already been in the water (paddle boarding, surfing, water polo, etc.) I'll drop my swims to half-an-hour, or around 1,800 - 2,000 yards.

  • My mimumum is one hour to one hour and 10 minutes. The most I do is one hour and 20 minutes. If I were to swim under an hour, I'd feel I didn't get enough exercise in.

  • I typically try to do a one mile swim (1,650 yards) every time I dive in, at the very least. Especially on the days when I'm not feeling very motivated to workout, a mile swim is quick and effective!

  • Sometimes when I don't feel like swimming I'll on line y ho 250 meters

  • On line y o ??? That was autocorrect
    250 meters

  • A mile is good... for the record, a mile is 1760 yards. The 1650 is the mile in swimming because it's close to 1500 m

  • If it looks as if it's about to storm, if I think I can get 20 minutes in before I get pulled out of the water it's worth my while to go and try to swim. I like to swim for a solid hour, however.

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