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Favorite high protein snack

  • Hey everyone just wondering what you favorite hight protein snack is, for me i will eat a pb and j and a lua protein bar.

  • Hey! I definitely love a good protein bar (Quest, Combat Crunch, and Oh Yeah! birthday cake bars being my favorites) or a quick sandwich! Also love making wraps and burritos to go stuffed with all kinds of goodness like kale, chicken, steak, other veggies, and hummus or a tasty low cal dressing.

  • Never thought of wraps, and you can customize them to your preference. Thanks

  • Always liked a product called Bonk Breakers nutritional bars and chews They are 100% gluten free, taste great and they have at least 10 different flavors to select from. My favorites are : PB&J; PB& banana and apple pie.

  • hard boiled eggs!

  • Chicken and ZonePerfect nurtrition bars (Yellow Cake)

  • Chunky Monkey Shake and PB.

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