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Face burns when sweating after swimming

  • Hi,

    My 12 year old daughter is a dual sport athlete and at times she goes from swim practice directly to basketball practice. When she makes this transition and starts to sweat at basketball her face gets really red and starts to burn. She was in tears yesterday because it hurt.

    Any ideas on what we can do to help relieve the burn?


  • Is she showering well after the swim? I would use vitamin C spray. Rub in and rinse off. If this persists or worsens, a check with the dermatologist might be in order.

  • What type of pool does she swim in? Her skin could get dry from the chlorine or salt water, and then she goes outside. Does she wear a nice non-clogging but still moisturizing sunscreen? She would be more prone to sun and/or wind damage after the water has stripped her skin of its protective coating.

  • Burn like sunburn (are they playing outside) or stinging?

    I'd try a chlorine-removal thing, like vitamin C, and then putting some lotion on it - probably just dry skin.

  • Sorry to hear your daughter is suffering. Does she have Rosacea?

    I have rosacea. My skin is very sensitive.
    It causes my cheeks to become red and hot as well as red bumps that look like acne.

    During hard workouts, blood vessels become dilated which will cause the redness and the face to feel hot.

    The chlorine will dry out your skin making it feel hot. Then she goes to basketball practice where sweat is having a reaction with the dry skin and the dilated blood vessels causing her face to feel like it's stinging.

    I would try to get the chlorine off the skin right after swim practice. Swim outlet sells a Vitamin C spray that is supposed to remove the chlorine from hair and skin.

    After that I would use a sensitive face wash. I have tried many products over the years and nothing has helped more than the Cerave line of products. I like both the face wash and the moisturizer.

    Dr. recommend sunscreen for everyone, however, I noticed that it makes my rosacea worse so I choose not to wear it on my face.

    I hope you find out the cause & hope there is an easy solution for her.

    Best Wishes

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