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Ryan lotche Rio Fiasco

  • Hey everyone, just wondering what everyone thinks about the whole controversy concerning Ryan locthe and the gas station.

  • I think this was an absolute embarrassment to the US and the Sport of swimming. It is really unfortunate that this clouded the success of Team USA in Rio. What are your thoughts?

  • I think it's an embarrassment for him but doesn't/shouldn't reflect the USA swimming. I don't know what to believe about his changes in his story. it shows athletic as ability does not mean the person is a good example.

  • Agreed.

    Ryan will have another interview aired tonight. Hopefully this clears things up once and for all.

    information about it here

  • I think that all four athletes embarrassed themselves, the families, their coaches, team and the US.

    Since the truth has been revealed about what really happened, the athletes have apologized and each donated to Brazilian charities.

    I do not feel their medals should be stripped but I do feel that suspension is called for.

    Copied from

    Not only did they lie about the circumstances, but they also were involved in vandalism of a gas station bathroom.
    As we understand it, the four athletes (Bentz, Conger, Feigen and Ryan Lochte) left France House early in the morning of August 14 in a taxi headed to the Olympic Village. They stopped at a gas station to use the restroom, where one of the athletes committed an act of vandalism. An argument ensued between the athletes and two armed gas station security staff, who displayed their weapons, ordered the athletes from their vehicle and demanded the athletes provide a monetary payment. Once the security officials received money from the athletes, the athletes were allowed to leave.

    The behavior of these athletes is not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of Team USA or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. We will further review the matter, and any potential consequences for the athletes, when we return to the United States.

  • I couldn't agree more.Its sad that they would wast all the talent and then go get drunk and ruin everything.

  • It appears the USOC is planning to take some action soon.

    More details here:

    "U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun says further action is coming in the matter of 12-time swimming medalist Ryan Lochte and his three teammates whose story of a robbery overshadowed the Rio de Janeiro Games."

  • It appears Ryan will be joining the next season of Dancing with Stars. This is a good chance for him to reset his image and for America to see a different side of him.

    Herr is the link to the article

  • I think he embarrassed the whole United States. People from other countries already don't like Americans very much. After Ryan Lochte did what he did, I couldn't imagine what the rest of the world think of us. On top of that, I think he is just very dumb. Did he really think he could lie to the whole world about something that serious and there will be no investigation? C'mon man, the whole world is watching this!

  • ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!

  • Alena R said:

    ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!

    Take your own advice and keep walking, out of this forum. Children under 13 shouldn't be here.

  • Lochte and those other swimmers definitely did something dumb, but certainly nothing worse than that pot smoking, DUI driving idiot Michael Phelps...who miraculously always gets a free pass from the media for his ridiculous antics and behavior.

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