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Fall and winter swimming

  • I really enjoy summer swimming, the chill of jumping into an unheated pop pool,reading in a lounge chair etc. After the pool closes today it is hard to go the fitness center and swim in a shallow 25 us pool. How do you motivate yourself to swim indoors?

  • Love this question! Winter is a major long season in my location. I remember years ago getting out of work with the idea of going to the Y for swim and workout. The idea of getting into a "cold" pool was not a pleasant thought that could easily dissuade me. Of course, the pool wasn't really cold. After the swim I would always feel so energized and warm that it was comp,etely worth it.

    So in my opinion, the secret is to schedule a routine and stick to it. "just do it," as the slogan goes. It is well worth the investment over time. The routine is similar to swim team practice. Just put in the laps.

  • Jim I know it is psychological. I can think of so many reasons not to go days turn to a week weeks and months. Maybe joining a master's team and spending money will do it.

  • I swim year round, and it's always in an indoor pool at the local Y. The outdoor pool is open during the summer months, but, I'm always so used to swimming indoors, I don't really go in the outdoor one. This week, though, the indoor pool is closed due to annual maintenance (closed starting today, re-opening on Sat.). The outdoor pool is still open, so I can swim in that one. So, I have a few days to use the outdoor one--this is the only time I use the outdoor pool there, when the indoor pool's closed for the annual maintenance. I do enjoy the outdoor pool, actually, it's just I'm always used to the indoor one, as I mentioned before. Next season I'll have to remember about going in the outdoor pool more.

  • I totally hear me, the ideal swim begins and ends with sunshine overhead! The ONLY thing that got me into the indoor pool was bringing my music with me. I created playlists to coincide w the workout I planned. For example, continuous or distance swimming would call for easy listening music...Eagles, CSN, or maybe classical or instrumental. Then, for more intense, Go Get It workouts I would make a pumpin' playlist ~ one that makes me want to swim fast, work hard, get my heart goin', nurture the warrior vibe, ya know? :)

    Sometimes, on those no-brain days, I would just put it on shuffle and adjust my swim - style, speed, pace - according to the song that came up...a great way to do it for those days when I don't want to think too much about it...just put me on auto-pilot, and see what happens. I found doing one of those every once in awhile helps prevent boredom from repetition as well.

    There are so many options for waterproof mp3 players now, so look into one that makes sense for you...I have always been happy w the h2o audio line of products, available on !

  • i swim year round, about 5 days/week, generally in the morning. What keeps me going is having people to swim workouts with and knowing how great I feel once I've finished. If I wake up in the morning with something on my mind that I know I will have to focus on during the day, or if I have anything that makes me feel stressed, I try not to address it until after my swim. Once I'm done, I feel like I can tackle anything, and with better and more efficient focus. Having people to swim with, whether it's Masters (an excellent idea!) or just your own training group, makes it more effective and enjoyable, too.
    It's also easier for me to keep swimming if I have my routine and stick to it. Additionally, it's important to make it as easy as possible to have your gear ready to go. I have a gear bag for all of my "toys" (buoy, paddles, etc) and a backpack with shampoo, makeup, dryer (all separate from what I use at home) towel, etc. so getting in and out is no big deal.

  • It's definitely a lot harder for me to force myself to wake up early and jump into the pool when it's colder outside.

    I try to stay motivated by thinking of my end goal and the warm coffee that will be waiting for me at the end of the swim!

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