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NYC open water swimming group

  • If you live in or near NYC, join CIBBOWS for the 2017 season and swim open water with us!

    We meet weekend mornings for open water swimming in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach. We have many notable marathon swimmers in our community.

    Look forward to our great races, Grimaldos Mile and Triple Dip!

    Plus, if you join as a Member:

    Breezy Point swim
    New test swims being developed
    Open-water clinics for beginners and intermediate swimmers
    Jetty drills for fun and working on technique
    Organized group swims and dry land workouts
    Social activities - whale watching and end-of-season party

    And more to come... it's a great time to plan your next season whether you're training for a marathon swim, a triathlon, or you just swim recreationally.

    [](link url)

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