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Swimming for beginners

  • The Olympics have me inspired to get back in to shape, and I was thinking about trying out something new (swimming!). I am wondering how to swim, step-by-step for beginners? I want to get into the sport, but don’t know where to start!

  • I love hearing about people who are getting into the sport, kudos to you! First, you’ll want to get some swim gear-- a swimsuit (or two), a swim cap, a towel and goggles are a good start. Second, find a local swim team in your area (check out or for teams near you). Third, chat with a swim coach, he or she will be able to teach you the basics of swimming from how to put on a swim cap, to how to do the butterfly stroke. Lastly, make sure to practice, practice, practice.

    Good luck!

  • Hey,

    If you are interested in learning to swim, you need to teach yourself in the form of a proper progression. You need to break the stroke you want to perform into simple steps.

    For example, you need to make sure that you can simply lie face down in the water first before you worry about learning to kick. How are you going to effectively kick if you have no sense of ease while you simply lie face down in the pool.

    You should be able to teach yourself to get safely from one side of the pool to the next if you teach yourself to swim in the following order:

    • Attitude: Remain relaxed
    • Figure out your body position, can you still stay relaxed while you have your head in the water
    • Teach yourself to kick with a flutterboard
    • Learn how to properly move your arms and how to properly take a breath
    • Add the skills together once you know you can stay calm and relaxed during each part individually

    Good luck man, hit me up if you have any questions about it

    Brent (

  • Hey, I'm a noobie swimmer and new to the forum as well. Relaxing has been the most difficult part for me

  • Nancy V41 said:

    Hey, I'm a noobie swimmer and new to the forum as well. Relaxing has been the most difficult part for me

    Hey! Relaxing can be a very difficult thing, especially if you've had a tough experience in and around the water.

    I find that conscious relaxation while performing a front or back float can be very helpful for stroke development. For example, try doing a back or front float and notice if you are hiking your shoulders up towards your neck. Alternatively, try and notice if you are carrying a lot of tension in your shoulder muscles.

    Realizing that you can relax your body and you won't immediately sink needs to be taught to your nervous system and then relaxing will be much easier for you!

  • Every beginner needs to wear one of these while swimming

  • Hii,

    swimming is a simple method.its no longer learnt by others its can very own. for first of all you have to swimming in much less watering pool wherein there's no hazard of risking.

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