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How to improve freestyle

  • My freestyle is a little sloppy, and I have been told that I tend to slap the water upon entry. I am looking for ideas on how to improve freestyle swimming. Any good drills or workouts out there that will help?

  • I am a big fan of the zipper drill. It helps improve your form and stroke big time. To do the zipper, first you drag your thumb alongside your body (as if you were unzipping the side of your swimsuit) until you reach just below your armpit, then take a stroke as normal.

  • I like the zipper drill! You can also add the catch up and side balance drills. If you're slapping the water, you may also be lifting your shoulders to breathe. Using the catch up and side balance drills will slow your stroke down and teach you to enter the catch smooth and quiet.

  • Zipper drill is okay, but if you have poor shoulder flexibility it can actually lead to impingment issues.

    Easily the best tool out there for cleaning up your freestyle is the FINIS swimmer's snorkel! It stabilizes head position, encourages a higher hip position in the water, and frees you up to be able to really focus on your technique in the water.

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