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Cross-training for swimmers

  • Hi, I am curious how to become a better swimmer without using a pool? Are there any particular forms of cross-training that are better than others? I was thinking of maybe taking a yoga class, but wasn’t sure.

  • Yoga is actually great for swimmers because it helps to strengthen the core. I personally run, which I have found helps increase my endurance and lung capacity, making it easier to swim longer and faster.

  • It really depends on what elements of your swimming you're looking to improve on. Most higher level swimmers do some type of calisthenic dryland routine between swim workouts. If you're looking to improve power, hit the weights. Yoga is great for core and flexibility. If endurance is your downfall, I would suggest cycling or paddling. Paddle sports especially because they will build on your knowledge of movement through the water, in addition to its cardiovascular, strength, and balance benefits.

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